Do you deliver?

Yes we do delivery in Bali!

Delivery fees vary depending on the location the cake is delivered. Please include your delivery address and estimated time of delivery, and we will provide you a quote.

Where do I keep the Cake?

Cakes that are going to be served the same day do not need refrigeration. Otherwise, pull it out 30 mins to one hour before serving. With this, everyone can enjoy the cake at its best.

How long in advanced should I place an order?

Please inquire a minimum of 5 days in advanced and with gladness, 2 weeks to prevent such disappointments. 

It is understandable in Bali that everything is 'last minute'. Shoot us an inquiry anyway with minimum 3 days in advanced, and crossed fingers to see if there are still available slots!

Can I do taste testing?

Yes we offer taste testing by appointment. Shoot us an email at with the subject 'Taste Testing Appointment' and we will let you know all the details.

How long does a cake last?

Since the cake is all natural, it is advised to be consumed within 3 days. 


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