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Coconut Heaven
Coconut Heaven

Did you know that I’m loco for coco?

Also, did you know that the entire coconut tree is useful and there are varied products that can be derived from coconut?

As some of you may know, my cakes are coconut heaven. I use a lot of coconut products in my cake, including coconut flour, mylk and coconut sugar. So, in this article, I want to share you the goodness of coconuts and how an entire part of coconut trees can be transformed into something useful for humans.

Here in Indonesia, it’s really easy to find coconut because, well, you know.. as the one of the naturally richest tropical countries, Indonesia grows lots of coconuts.  That’s why I use coconut flour (and tapioca and rice flour) instead of almond or other imported flour as my main cake dough ingredients.

Coconut is one of the great substitute ingredients for vegan or gluten free dishes, providing a number of nutritions and benefits that prevents varied diseases and health conditions. According to a study published in the December 2006 issue of Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, adding coconut flour to our diets can significantly reduce our risk of developing heart disease, lower our cholesterol levels and guard us from cancer and diabetes. Coconut in general is packed with protein and able to help digestion.

I also use coconut mylk for my cakes and cupcakes as a healthier alternative to dairy. It is believed that it may boost your immune system and protect your body against viral and bacterial infections. I produce my own homemade coconut mylk, in which case has its own natural sweetness and no added yucky substances, unlike the ones you might find in the store.

What other function does a coconut have?

Beside the health benefits of a coconut inside a dish, here in Bali, they use its old stems to build a shack, the coconut leaves for ‘Penjor’ or bamboo pool decoration during Balinese major holidays. Even the hard shell can be used for dishwashing or craft materials like the ones you find very popular on instagram, the coconut smoothie bowls ;)

Young or old, the whole coconut can be used in different ways for various purposes.

So, are you now loco for coco too? <3

Why Vegan?
&nbsp;Plant-based colouring powder: cacao, matcha,&nbsp;turmeric, and beetroot.

 Plant-based colouring powder: cacao, matcha, turmeric, and beetroot.

So, why vegan?

People often ask me this question.

Well, it all started because I, myself, am allergic to processed dairy. I have been having this allergy ever since I was little. I’m also very sensitive with artificial and processed food, I instantly feel sick and usually get headaches. I don't see it as a bad thing really, it makes me more aware and conscious with what I eat.

When I started baking, I basically wanted to give myself more food options that won’t do me harm. I want to be able to eat cakes without feeling sick afterwards. You see, I love food, and so do I love desserts and cakes, but eating random sweets that consist of artificial ingredients like sweetener and food colouring, instantly gets me sick.

I went to Green School and studied there for 2 years. Being in Green School that time, I was opened and introduced to the world of veganism.  I also learned a lot about sustainability. I learned that the world becomes messed up today with pollution, global warming, etc mostly because of us, humans. We don’t really care about how we produce things and what we give back to the earth. I also learned that most activism towards sustainability is often seen as something that is too idealist. That’s why I wanted to do something outside the box to help build awareness about sustainability.

At Green School, I saw quite a large demand in veganism. I saw that quite a lot of people are allergic to certain animal products, like dairy and eggs. I found out about this when I helped my mom bake cakes for her food stand at school, and we got a lot of cake requests from families because we make dairy free & gluten free cakes. That’s when my idea of launching Thyme and Caramel started! I thought, by creating a vegan cakery, it will help me talk about sustainability in a positive way.

Thyme and Caramel is actually the first vegan cakery in Bali. I serve cakes for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and even weddings - for all happy moments! I think that by reaching out to people with something that makes them happy, it will be easier to inspire them about the values around healthy and mindful lifestyle.

Veganism can be seen in many different aspects and opinions, but I believe that it promotes a more mindful lifestyle. If you look at it from health perspective, reducing some animal products in your diet will most likely help your body digest food better, as a lot of animal products are now harmed by unwanted chemicals. Additionally, without the use of eggs and butter in my cakes, it certainly reduces the amount of fat and calories in it.

I also substitutes the ingredients with super foods such as pumpkin, beans and chickpea, which are a better and healthier choice for our body, making my cakes a guilt free treat. I thought, this will be a hit for the ladies! Because, you know, usually cakes are like a big no no to a lot of girls because of the high sugar and fat it consists.

So yeah, these are the main reasons why I chose to launch a vegan cakery. I certainly hope that Thyme and Caramel can promote about sustainability, but more importantly, give a better food option for people seeking to have a healthier lifestyle.