Inside the Mind of a Successful Young Entrepreneur

Thyme & Caramel at Bali Bungkus Hubud - Young Entrepreneur

A talk I gave at Hubud’s Bali Bungkus Event

Back in April, I went to Hubud Community Co-working Space in Ubud, Bali to deliver a special cake as a surprise to a special someone. When I gave the cake to the birthday girl, almost everyone at Hubud raved about how pretty it looked and was surprised that it was made by me, a teenager. That’s when one of Hubud’s members approached me and invited me to share my story at their skill share event, the Bali Bungkus in June! 

Weeks passed by until that day, the day that I got excited (and well, a bit nervous!) I saw on Hubud’s website that my talk was mentioned, titled “Inside the Mind of a Young, Successful Entrepreneur”. I got nervous because the title of the presentation was kind of intimidating, as I feel like I’m not that successful yet and that I had just started this business last year! They expect me to share something that I learned as an entrepreneur that people (aka the adults) can learn from, which is a bit tough! :S

As I (slowly) prepared and practiced my presentation, I learned that I actually had gone through quite a roller coaster ride with Thyme and Caramel. I realized that I had learned so much more and acquired a better understanding from managing my own business, than sitting in a classroom. So yeah, I feel like I can actually share a thing or two about being an entrepreneur! Nevertheless, I also realized that there’s still a lot of room for me to grow. Like, learning on how to manage my time better, et cetera, et cetera.

Fast forward to the D-day, I got nervous (again!), because this was the first time I presented in front of experienced adults, whom are known as the ‘digital nomads’ of the world. Presenting in front of people is definitely one tough thing, and as confident as I may have seen, I certainly was quite anxious inside.  

This little presentation went well though. I got a really great feedback from the audience. I got some interesting ideas that I want to test to improve my business, which is really valuable. :) I also gained more confidence in public speaking! The audience were really nice and supportive of me. I even got an order that day.

All in all, this presentation has given me another learning opportunity. It was a nice day. Oh, to close off, I’m going to share you my full presentation. Check it out and let me know what you think!  

PS. I’ll be sharing another one of my story at Pecha Kucha Night this August! More info to come :)

 (My presentation was 15 minutes long, the rest are Q&A)