What is Happiness For Me?

Arielle - Ocean Vegan Cake Bali

Being happy is a simply a choice from within, we get to decide to be happy. But what most people don't know is that we all have our own keys to being Happy! In celebration of International Day of Happiness on 20 March, I want to share with you what makes me happy.

I recently learned that baking is actually recognised as a benefit to reduce stress and anxiety!

Besides baking & decorating cakes being my passion, I actually find peace when I'm alone in my kitchen, which gives me happiness.


If you've tried baking a myriad of times before, you will realise that baking takes time. It's a process that can't be rushed, specially Vegan Cakes! I have definitely tried rushing the baking process and end up missing an ingredient or two sometimes even three, or leave the cake in the oven for too long. I learnt that taking each method step by step is the only way to obtain the perfect result. This gives me the time to calm down and think thoroughly.


This I tell you, is my ultimate favourite part! If you haven't heard, I love getting my hands messy as a kid, working with many different gooey doughs, and I still do! Decorating a cake actually brings me so much peace when I'm doing it right, it brings me to my happy place, my lala land. During this process, I also reflect and think about many things, it's kinda where the magic happens.


I am a big fan of creativity and I encourage everyone to use their own unique creativities! We are all gifted with a special talent and definitely creativity in us, I believe that it's important to channel our imagination and creativities into something beneficial/fruitful/rewarding.

Creativity is allowing yourself to express your thoughts on something freely, with no boundaries or worries, at this point, you feel no pressure, no trouble or no tension. It's like when I'm working on a cake design, the creativity runs through and I feel happy. Every month, I also get a chance to share this feeling by leading a workshop for kids and hope they can feel happy too,


Let all that you do be done in love

Baking and decorating a cake is my happiness and I love to share it with the world. I get to do so when I deliver my cakes daily, sharing my joy and my love through the cakes sent out, hoping for a ripple effect that they too will put on a smile and pass it on.

Happiness is as simple as smiling and telling yourself how content you are, an easy way to be happy is to be grateful with what you have and who you are. You are all beautiful people and deserve to be happy! So get out, soak that sunshine and put on a smile!