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Bali Vegan Festival 2017
Bali Vegan Festival 2017

September marks the first year of me as a young entrepreneur and I couldn’t be more grateful for all the things that has happened! I have a sort of clear vision and lots of crazy ideas for my next year and this new season to come. But first, I’m about to take you back to last week.

I got the chance to kick off the second year of Thyme & Caramel by participating in one of Ubud’s largest festivals for vegans and vegetarians, the Bali Vegan Festival.

The event was held for three days from the 6th - 8th October. I opened a booth filled with flowery cupcakes and sweet desserts during the festival and it was worth all of the preparation to make this booth stood out. For 3 days straight I was there, many people came to show their love and support toward the work that I’ve done which I really appreciate.


The booth wasn’t the only thing that kept me busy all weekend, I also had a talk on second day of the festival. At first, I doubted myself if I could do it or not as it required me tons of preparation for a 40 minute talk. But my thought was wrong, my worry was gone once I started speaking. The presentation turned out great and I got many positive response and encouragement.

Unfortunately, not all of them went as planned. I had scheduled to do a buttercream flowers workshop there, but decided to postpone it and later cancelled due to the weather. Anyway, for kids who missed the workshop, I’ll be having my first buttercream piping class on 11th November.

I’ll lead this class every once a month. So, sign up now, because there’s only 8 spaces available in every class! :)

One Year of Gratitude
Arielle, young entrepreneur starting up vegan cakery business in Bali

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I launched Thyme & Caramel, oh how time flies! This year has been filled with lots of excitement and amazing experience, thank you to everyone who has supported me. The growth of the business is beyond my expectation!

These experiences has made me realize how grateful I am to be able to find my passion at a young age and feel the joy in what I do, which is baking and crafting cakes. My biggest gratitude to the special people, family, friends, and even people from around the world, who have showed their love towards my work and supported my journey in what I want to achieve as a youth.

I’m thoroughly grateful for the path I have chosen and the support I am given, I believe that education is a lifelong process, and I have learned so many lessons each day from many different aspects. These lessons are ones I value most, reality education that has taught me how to sustain myself as a person and certainly to sustain my business.

I feel the need to share my happiness. That’s why, last month, I kickstarted a small fundraising project for my local farmer’s daughter who has been providing me with only the finest passion fruits for my cake. I’ve donated a percentage of every cupcakes I sold to raise fund for her education.

From one idea to another, I’m thankful to be able to make them happen one by one and step by step. This encourages me to motivate more people, to believe in themselves that how silly people might think your idea is, as long as you believe, there is always a way to turn things that started from only a dream into reality.

Now that I’ve managed my cakery for a year, I’m planning to grow and expand its wings! I am about to launch my buttercream flower making workshop for kids on November, to inspire them to use their creativity in the right place that can make the world a little bit better.

Another exciting news to welcome a new year of Thyme & Caramel, I’ll be participating in one of the biggest festival for vegans and vegetarians in Bali, which is Bali Vegan Festival. There, I’ll be holding my first public demonstration of cake decorating, giving a talk about my journey of positivity and happiness along with amazing speakers who are coming from around the world, and also having a booth at its vegan marketplace (The Vegan Village) where there'll be a little surprise for you. Wohoo!!!

It’s a three-days event in Ubud from 6 to 8 October. Entry to the Vegan Village (Ubud Soccer Field) will be FREE. However, all workshops, talks, classes and screenings require tickets for entry. Check out their website and purchase your ticket now! See you there :)