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Find The Confidence in Your Talent
Hand-crafted Buttercream Flowers

In the dictionary, talent is defined as our natural ability to be good at something. Passion, is something you desirably love to do and spend a lot of time doing. Skill, is an ability acquired after lots of practice and hard work. And hard work is really what differentiate the three.

For me, talent is the seed that makes us who we are. Talent is what first motivated me to spend hours and days to sharpen a pastime I enjoy doing. It built my foundation. If you think you don’t have any talent, think twice. I believe that everyone is born not with one talent but many. Although in some cases, it could be difficult to identify something as our talent.

I have met lots of people, teens and adults, who are puzzled, finding what their passion and talents may be, or are struggling to be confident with it. In this blogpost, I want to share a few things that I can wrap up about discovering your talent and how to be confident with it.

Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work.
— Stephen King


Remember that everything you do can be a talent, even if you think it may be silly or embarrassing. What matters is how you feel about it; Are you happy when you’re doing it?

If you are still in the midst of confusion of what your talent may be, you probably just have not quite realized it yet. Think about what you enjoy doing and what you can easily do ever since you were just a kid. This was what helped me find mine.

Vegan Cupcakes Bali (Captured by Harris Winarto)

To tell you my story, I was moving from one hobby to another several times before settling on building Thyme & Caramel. Every time I was exploring my hobby, I kept asking myself if this is what I want to do for my future and as a career. As months gone by, I often got bored and eventually moved on to another hobby, until I started Thyme & Caramel. They are still my hobbies, however, they're not what I’m willing to do on a daily basis as a profession.

Let me tell you that it is okay to explore and play with your talents as it might lead you to discover your next one. Before you know it, you will be surprised on how many talents you are gifted with.

This is the foundation of how you can gain your confidence to showcase your talent to the world: Embrace it, instead of looking at other’s talents and underestimate yours. Everyone is unique. YOU are unique!



To build your confidence, it does not stop at just knowing what your talents are. It is important to practice our talents as much as we can, to explore the possibilities lying ahead of us. Consider joining seminars or workshops to increase your knowledge. The more you practice, the more confident you become. Practice makes perfect eyy!

Today, we live in a digital world which offers heaps of learning materials and inspirations to help develop your passion. My personal ‘bff’ is called Google. Your knowledge around what you are good at will help you gain the confidence you need. You might also find other people who has got the same passion and are already at a good point, it is your chance to take their success story as your inspiration.



When you are happy with what you are doing, I believe you have no reason not to be confident with your talent. The next step is for you to express your talent and share what you know about it with others.

Cupcake Decor Workshop in Bali for Kids

Here’s what you need to know, sharing has a magic of its own. You don’t need to be an expert to be able to share your story, you can share it right away. Why? Because the more you share, the more you learn from it. The people you share your story with may get inspired after hearing it, but along the way, you will also find people who encourage you and offer the help you may need. Start with your closest ones, your family, your friends, and then gradually increase your audience.

A platform like social media (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) can be a great platform to showcase our work and share our passion with other people. It still takes time, for sure, to grow your audience in those channels,  but if you truly love what you do, everything will fall into place in just the right time during the right season. For if we don’t become weary in doing good, we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up.

I believe that one of a great way to multiply our happiness is to share it with others.

I really enjoy what I’m doing now with my vegan cakery in Bali, so I decided to expand myself by sharing my knowledge in workshops for kids. I teach them to craft buttercream florals and get a hands on experience to decorate their own cupcakes, which can activate their creativity.

The journey of a thousand miles start with a single step, so if you’ve been thinking of taking that step, maybe today is the day. There is just no perfect moment and the longer you wait the bigger the chance you lose your opportunity. Take that moment and make it perfect. :)

Now it is your time to share your story in discovering your talent. Share with me and I would love to listen to all of them!

Sweetness xxx


Youth Power: Startup Weekend Bali

Startup Weekend Bali: Edisi Anak Muda Indonesia

I have been so glad to be part of this year’s Hubud Startup Weekend Bali: Indonesian Youth Edition. Startup Weekend is a global event where you get to pitch, validate and develop your business ideas in 54 hours! This year, Hubud hosted an all for Indonesian youth edition with 30 participants ranging from ages 16 - 23 years.

Ever since I started my business, Hubud has been a big part in supporting me; starting with presenting at a small session, Bali Bungkus, to the big Pecha Kucha Night, and then coming back to be a mentor for this year’s startup weekend!

At this event, I was joined by 5 other incredible mentors to support and guide the participants through the process of starting up their business. The event started with a pitching session where participants get to pitch their business ideas, followed by a voting session for the 6 favourite ideas to form the team for the weekend. I have to say, the ideas pitched were incredible and creatively out of the box. I was instantly reminded again how much creativity can flow out of a single youth. They were amazing!

I had the chance to mentor a group of three creative and bright people, their business being called VICtory. The idea was first pitched to provide more varieties of toys for disabled children in Indonesia to allow kids to have fun and help with their therapy all together.

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

All the teams were sort of struggling with getting an understanding of the concept validation. The team I worked with was specifically challenged by making sure the toy has its complete benefit for the customers while keeping the cost as low as possible to make the price suitable.

They have also struggled with deciding on which category to focus on, as they originally wanted to work with a variety of different special needs kids. I managed to convince them to narrow it down to two specific categories which were Tuna Netra (Vision Impairment) and Tuna Grahita (Mentally Disabled) .

After the second day, the team began to understand what they had to validate and the process of it, which gave them big points by the judges at the end. Through what I experienced, I think they had a solid mission, vision, and a way to turn their ideas into a product they can sell. All three of the teammates were very compatible working together-which is so important when working in a group project. They were able to share their work efficiently and assuredly worked hard. I think most importantly was their courage and confidence in believing in themselves with little to no doubts.

To me, this was an incredibly remarkable experience because it’s something that I am so passionate about. It makes me happy to see other people happy, and to see the team I mentored won the 54 hour challenge made me feel a grateful and proud. It’s something I want to keep doing!

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

How to Start Up Your Own Business
Thyme & Caramel at Ubud Food Festival

This was the big question that I discussed with others foodpreneurs in Bali at Ubud Food Festival 2018.

I had the lovely chance to be part of Ubud Food Festival (UFF) this year - where all food enthusiasts and innovators from all over Indonesia gathered to share the best culinary experience. Held from the 13th to 15th April, UFF was attended by about 12,000 people.

I was honored to be part of the session ‘Food for Thought: Bali’s Startup Stars’. I was joined by four other Indonesian start up entrepreneurs, who have successfully built their businesses in the food industry in Bali, sharing how each business was first started.

Young Entrepreneur Bali


In this blogpost, I would like to share my perspectives based on my experience on starting a business, and hopefully help you who are looking on starting a business or merely finding your passion! :)

Firstly, I know the phrase “Find your passion” is sort of overrated, but to me it’s kind of true. This is always the first point on my list on how I begin this Thyme & Caramel journey. According to the dictionary, passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. In other words, it's something that sets your soul on fire and gives you a good feeling when you do it.

However, how many of you might  still be struggling to find your passion? Actually, a likely source of what we are passionate about may come from anywhere, including what we were exposed to in our childhood. It could be simple things, such as sketching, cooking, music, collecting action figures or dancing. Ever since I was a child, I was obsessed with molding things from play dohs or anything to do that involves my hand working together with icky gooey dough. I made my very first bakery out of clay when I was 7 years old and it was kinda what led me to today as a cake artist.

From that level of hobby and obsession, you just need to add a few ingredients and spices, such as hardworking hours, devotion, and commitment. Passion will always keep you stronger everyday no matter what challenges stand in your way.

Secondly, the COURAGE to start. So, be courageous! One of the hardest parts of starting a business is actually the courage and the ability to just start and take the risk. I know that we all have different fears, however I believe that the only way to overcome our fear is to face it and plan ahead. At the beginning, you might not see the big picture, you might mostly feel clueless and that’s totally normal. What I did in the past was start with what I know and what I can do first.

The basic foundation for a business is, of course, your brand name, logo, your products, and how you would like to market these products. It’s also important to figure out your vision and mission of your business, including what impacts you would like to make in the world and what your values are. In my personal experience as I was forming the business value, I decided to sell only premium special occasion vegan cakes and cupcakes as Thyme & Caramel’s specialty.

In the process of starting up and making hard decisions for your business, you should not hesitate to ask for help from anyone you know. It could be your family, your friends, or even professionals who are already good at the field, but just keep in mind that the decision is all yours to make. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
— Lao Tzu

Thirdly, be PERSISTENT in achieving your goal! The road to success and reaching your goals will always be under constructed and lined with tempted parking spaces. Imagine the possibility of the many paths you can take when you want to go somewhere. You might consider the distance and the traffic before you take a specific route, and also the goal you want to accomplish.

There will always be plan A, B, or C, besides, there are 26 letters in the alphabet and many possible routes. Be brave, know what you do and take a step, these are all that matter.


So! These were my three kickstarting steps on starting up Thyme & Caramel, despite any challenges that comes and go. I hope these tips can help you gain the confidence to start up your business, and when you do, tell me about it! I would love to hear your stories :)

There is a great opportunity this month to train the entrepreneurial mind of all young Indonesian in Bali where I will be one of the mentors to help validate your business ideas in 54 hours. For more info about the event, check out ‘Startup Weekend Bali: Edisi Anak Muda Indonesia’, the first Startup Weekend in Bali that is exclusive to those between the age of 16 to 23 years old. It is organized by Hubud and will be happening on 25 - 27 May. I am so thrilled to be part of it. Will I see you? ;)