Youth Power: Startup Weekend Bali


Startup Weekend Bali: Edisi Anak Muda Indonesia

I have been so glad to be part of this year’s Hubud Startup Weekend Bali: Indonesian Youth Edition. Startup Weekend is a global event where you get to pitch, validate and develop your business ideas in 54 hours! This year, Hubud hosted an all for Indonesian youth edition with 30 participants ranging from ages 16 - 23 years.

Ever since I started my business, Hubud has been a big part in supporting me; starting with presenting at a small session, Bali Bungkus, to the big Pecha Kucha Night, and then coming back to be a mentor for this year’s startup weekend!

At this event, I was joined by 5 other incredible mentors to support and guide the participants through the process of starting up their business. The event started with a pitching session where participants get to pitch their business ideas, followed by a voting session for the 6 favourite ideas to form the team for the weekend. I have to say, the ideas pitched were incredible and creatively out of the box. I was instantly reminded again how much creativity can flow out of a single youth. They were amazing!

I had the chance to mentor a group of three creative and bright people, their business being called VICtory. The idea was first pitched to provide more varieties of toys for disabled children in Indonesia to allow kids to have fun and help with their therapy all together.

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

All the teams were sort of struggling with getting an understanding of the concept validation. The team I worked with was specifically challenged by making sure the toy has its complete benefit for the customers while keeping the cost as low as possible to make the price suitable.

They have also struggled with deciding on which category to focus on, as they originally wanted to work with a variety of different special needs kids. I managed to convince them to narrow it down to two specific categories which were Tuna Netra (Vision Impairment) and Tuna Grahita (Mentally Disabled) .

After the second day, the team began to understand what they had to validate and the process of it, which gave them big points by the judges at the end. Through what I experienced, I think they had a solid mission, vision, and a way to turn their ideas into a product they can sell. All three of the teammates were very compatible working together-which is so important when working in a group project. They were able to share their work efficiently and assuredly worked hard. I think most importantly was their courage and confidence in believing in themselves with little to no doubts.

To me, this was an incredibly remarkable experience because it’s something that I am so passionate about. It makes me happy to see other people happy, and to see the team I mentored won the 54 hour challenge made me feel a grateful and proud. It’s something I want to keep doing!

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali

Image Source: Hubud & Startup Weekend Bali